Weapon of Choice

A loud screeching sound jolted me out of bed this morning. I grabbed a flashlight as I went out the door and hurried to the chicken pen.

There I encountered an intruder inside the fence. I could not open the pen for fear the inhabitants would fly out and I would be spending the rest of my day trying to retrieve them.

Faced with the intruder, I found my weapon of choice would not work as it should. Tearing back to the house, I retrieved another weapon of choice.

Sadly, I had to work with this weapon for several minutes which allowed a clean getaway for the intruder, but not until he had devoured my beautiful black bannie rooster!

I searched diligently for the intruder but to no avail. How did he get into the pen? I thought that the double-layer fortified fencing was sufficient to deter any invading varmint, but not this sly devil.

He had obviously found a vulnerable spot somewhere and slid his white wirey-haired body through my fortification. There was no tear in the fence or any hole dug underground. Oh, he was a sly one for sure! He had to have crawled through an opening between the rafters.

Then I thought about how the demonic forces of Satan seek for the vulnerable places in our lives. Just when we think we have ourselves sufficiently covered by the armour of God, the evil one finds an area of vulnerability and seeks to devour his prey.

Yes, he is a sneaky one. Just as the intruder must have went to the top of the fence and climbed through an upper opening, Satan goes for the upper parts of the body. He seeks to invade our minds with his damaging thoughts. He taunts and rages in whispers and lies.

His teeth sink into our thought patterns and seeks to devour us with his unsavory words. We must be armed with a working weapon of choice.

That weapon of choice is the Word of God. God’s words will defeat the intruder’s attack upon our minds. But we must be ready! We must be armed with the Word! We may never have a second chance.