Blogged Books: Bloggers’ Words in Book-form

The challenge has gone out through various media channels to publish a blogged book.

Advertisers encourage this with hopes that bloggers will use their services for publishing purposes. As a blogger, you are instructed to use material taken directly from ongoing articles written by you on your hopefully now popular blog site. Thus the name blogged book.

This type of blogged book, however, is usually not successful unless it is one of nonfiction. To be successful such books would most likely include how-to articles, recipe collections, or interviews with famous people.

The writing, publishing, and marketing of books is a laborious process.

The writing, publishing, and marketing of books is a laborious and time-consuming process. It is also an expensive one, that is, if it is done properly.

Authors and bloggers will tell you that it takes many hours to create, maintain, and promote their websites and blogs in addition to the writing of any books or novels. Many bloggers sell various online courses in addition to other avenues of revenue in hopes of trying to make an honest living.

Publishing a blogged book may be a way to sell your writing successfully if you are a blogger, but it is not why authors write.

Authors spend countless hours pouring over their words, writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing, etc. with little to no reward for their labors.  Countless novels lie unpublished on shelves waiting to be dusted off and published. Books remain in cardboard boxes waiting to be handled by someone who appreciates the thoughts inside.

So why do authors write?

Authors write because they must. It is their desire to share their gift of words.

It is an inward desire that consumes an author’s thoughts day by day. Words rush forward, then disappear into thin air unless they are taken captive by pen and paper. It is a task they dutifully must do.

Authors are a creative lot that build futures, travel to faraway places, discover uncovered treasures, and make romantic imaginations come alive — all within the pages of a book.

Authors create places where anything can happen. Good conquers evil. The crook always gets caught. The hero wins the day. The couple lives happily ever after.

Authors inspire, encourage, direct, show, rebuke, instruct, evoke, visualize, entertain. The list goes on and on.

But blogged books are mainly for bloggers to publish, not authors.

Blogging is a different type of writing with different purposes than for a novel or a book.  As an author, you must decide your style of writing and your projected audience.

Are you a blogger or an author or both?

Should you publish a blogged book?

Maybe, but understand your motives before doing so.

There are many questions to ask oneself before going through the arduous task of editing a myriad of self-published articles from your website and blog.

Will it matter if it is not successful financially? Does it fulfill a purpose for a niche market? Is the sole intention for sharing with friends? How much editing time are you willing to invest?

Authors and bloggers may both decide to publish a blogged book because they both desire to share their gift of words.

If you are a receiver of the gift of an author’s words, may you receive that gift with a greater awareness of the time and effort expended by the author and/or the author-blogger.

Do you remember your first book? What was it that made it so memorable?

Who is your favorite author? Have you ever written an encouraging note to them?

Have you ever desired to write a book? If so, have you begun your journey as an author?

What website’s articles, if any, would you like to see in the form of a blogged book?


Peggy Clark is the author of So, What's the Latest News? Messages from a Prisoner in Rome, a Bible study/commentary on The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Colossians. Available from WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.