What is Christmas?


Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor

The Christmas season is upon us.

It has taken its toll upon those who only see Christmas as an opportunity for person gain. Greedy for profits some merchants entice with promising advertisements that bring little to no satisfaction. The misled find themselves with lots of purchased merchandise but little joy.

How do shoppers find themselves depressed when they have striven so hard to please?

Was not that the doll that Susie wanted so desperately?

Didn’t Jack say he wanted that new red bicycle more than anything in the world?

Was Billy not pleased with the new shoes?

And why did Tammy just throw her game pieces across the room?

What happened to Christmas?

Did it come to steal and to take away?

Is it an imposter wrapped up in fancy wrapping and frivolous bows?

Why bother to celebrate it anyway?

What is Christmas?

Yes, people may argue about its meaning. Yes, people may refuse to celebrate it. Yes, people may use it for personal gain.

But, what is Christmas?

Christmas is not about getting what we want for Christmas.

It’s not about trying to please everyone with our fancy gifts.

It’s not about decorations, trimmings, light displays, or glitter.

It’s not even about the Christmas play.

Christmas is a memorial.

It is a day we set aside to remember the selfless action bestowed toward mankind by the Creator of the universe.

It is a remembrance of the day that the Almighty Creator God stepped out of Heaven and came to dwell with mankind. Placing Himself in the womb of a virgin woman, He became flesh and dwelt among us.

Christmas is a celebration of the very moment that God manifested Himself in the flesh.

Jesus came as a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Mary cradled Him. Joseph loved and cared for Him.

The shepherds told everyone about Him. Simeon lifted Him up and prophesied concerning Him.

The angels glorified Him. Anna thanked Him. The wise men provided for Him.

But Herod tried to kill Him.

Emanuel, God with us. That is what Christmas is all about. It is God with us.

Christmas is a remembrance of the day He came, wrapped in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger.

His presence in the flesh lasted such a short time, only 33 ½ years. But God was with us.

He chose to come.

He chose to come even though He knew the cross would be his pathway back to Heaven.

He chose to give Himself.

And that is Christmas.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10-11

Copyright 2016 by Peggy Clark

Luke 2: The angel appears to Mary with a special message.
Luke 2: The angel appears to Mary with a special message.

Christmas: Make Your Festivities Praise-Worthy

Christmas, Sights and Sounds We Remember

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning finds children delighted with treasures found under the Christmas tree.  Wrappings, bubble wrap, and ribbons sail through the air as package upon package gives way to the attack of fingers tearing at the carefully and thoughtfully placed endowments from family and friends.

Giggles and glees atone for parents’ hard and sometimes frustrating endeavors at making Christmas a time of excitement and adventure.

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor

Spruce, fir, and cedar cuttings arrayed in reds, golds, silvers, and blues drape doorways and mantles. Manger scenes, postcard displays, and Advent calendars compete with snowmen, angels, and poinsettias nestled in every nook, corner, and shelf.

Mantle Aglow
Mantle Aglow
Christmas Smells

Smells permeate the air alerting all under their spell of the festivities just ahead.

Apples and cinnamon, oranges and tangerines, candy sticks and chocolate drops make one dizzy with desire.

Turkey and dressing, hams and sauces waft their tantalizing bouquets.  Aromas of cookies oozing, pies bubbling, and puddings steaming send one rushing through the heavier affairs.  Onward to the myriad of cakes decorated with flair.

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor
Christmas Memories Made

With candle lights glowing and fireplaces flickering, filled tummies settle down for a well-deserved and long-awaited nap. Sweet dreams await those reminiscing of Christmases past.

Another Christmas has come and will soon depart. Memories made now become a part of one’s past that will never be forgotten.

May your festivities be celebrations that remain as praise-worthy memorials for you and your loved ones.

Crocheted Christmas Angel
Crocheted Christmas Angel
From the Clark house to yours,
Have a very Merry Christ-filled Christmas.

Copyright 2016 by Peggy Clark

What are some special memories you have of Christmases past?
Are you trying to incorporate those into your Christmas festivities this year?
What traditions are you trying to keep on a yearly basis?
Do you have a new idea that you are implementing this year?

Please share in the comment box below.