Box Turtle Relocation

I found a box turtle in my driveway yesterday. It hissed as I picked it up and placed it where I thought it would like to be.

The location was moist. There was grass and probably some bugs or worms that could easily be snatched. It was a much lovelier environment than the rough spot that it was in originally.

I wonder how many times we hiss at God because He wishes to place us in an environment that is safer and more beneficial to us than our current spot is.

I can assume that as I reached down to pick up the turtle, he saw me as an intruder into his private world, possibly as an enemy that would try to destroy him. However, his view was not the view that I envisioned.

I envisioned him as needing a little help to get to that spot where he would get his needs met. I guess God envisions that for His children also.

Just as the box turtle had a limited view of things, we also have the same earthly limitation.  May God give us His eyes to see His grace extended to us from a heavenly viewpoint.