Overcoming Obstacles in Life

Is there an obstacle looming before you? Do the circumstances of life hinder you from moving forward? Be encouraged. No obstacle is too large to overcome if you endure.

The Pioneer’s Obstacle

Our view of what lies ahead may seem overwhelming.
Our view of what lies ahead may seem overwhelming.

American pioneers traveling westward sought passageways through the majestic Rocky Mountain Range.  Determination and grit led them to overcome the difficulties encountered as they faced the daunting heights and freezing temperatures.

Spurred on by their belief that a future and a hope lay on the other side of the seemingly impossible to climb obstacle, they crossed into a land rich with resources.

Fruit trees provided sustenance for those who happened upon them.
Fruit trees provided sustenance for those who happened upon them.

The fertile valleys gave families sustenance.  Homes were built.  Towns and cities sprung up.  Businesses boomed.  The quest for a better life was fulfilled for many even though it came at great cost.

Overcoming Our Obstacles

Jesus is with us as we walk through our valleys and as we climb our mountains. His rod and staff guide us as we face each challenge of life.  His promise to never leave us or forsake us is as true today as when He first spoke it.

We may have a “Rocky Mountain Range” looming before us.  Yet, what we see as an obstacle hindering our movement forward, may instead be the gateway to a new and fulfilling ministry for Christ.

If it is, our view of the impasse does not hinder what lies ahead. God is not limited by our circumstances.  Neither does any obstacle challenge Him or His resources.  Instead, they are opportunities for Him to display His unlimited power.


The valleys may meander, but they lead to greater heights and accomplishments.
The valleys may meander, but they lead to greater heights and accomplishments.

Do not let opposition impede your progress. If God has told you move forward, then keep moving forward.  Acknowledge Him every step of the way.

The howling winds, deep snows, and other weather conditions gave the pioneers limited opportunity to reach the other side of their obstacle. Your window of opportunity may be limited also.

Don’t let God’s promises to you slip away. Grasp hold of what He has for you.

And remember, the promise of Heaven is just ahead.

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation:  for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.  James 1:12.

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Accept your challenge and win the crown!

Concerned About Your Language Arts Curriculum?

 Is your language arts curriculum satisfactory, or does it fall short in key areas?

Good educators are concerned about their students’ ability to communicate, to write effectively, and to think clearly. Therefore, they are concerned about the textbooks that are available for their use.  Although there is a wide variety of language arts curriculum available, not all are adequate.


To be able to communicate effectively, students need skills in delivery and the use of a wide variety of vocabulary words. Being able to speak one’s thoughts clearly is a skill learned. Being familiar with the dictionary and the thesaurus are vital.

Punctuation and Grammar

Knowing proper punctuation and grammar rules are not enough. Students need to know how to use these rules in their writing and in their speech.  Therefore, the curricula used should give students ample opportunities to use the skills taught both in written and in oral formats.


Students also need knowledge of a wide variety of topics. Having to research a wide variety of topics will open the students’ understanding of and interest in the world around them. Therefore, writing assignments should not just include what happened on students’ summer vacations.

Creative Writing

A wide variety of creative writing assignments should be given. Poetry, haiku, song, and adventure are only a few examples.

Students love being the heroes of their own stories. Of course, having a list of topics for students to choose from is extremely helpful.


Students should be provided with good writing examples for each assignment. Good examples encourage good writing. If the curricula does not do this properly, educators must supplement as needed.


Educators should provide rubrics which detail exactly what is expected for each writing assignment.  These checklists provide clarity and help tremendously in the grading process.


After assignments have been edited and revised, students should be given the opportunity to present their work orally.  This helps develop their speaking abilities. It also gives students the opportunity to critique others’ as they develop their own listening skills.


Students should be given the opportunity to publish their work. This can be as easily done as posting their work on a bulletin board. However, collecting their work in a book format for others to view is advantageous. In this way, students can track their own progress during the current year and into future years. Publishing writing in an e-book format has now become a viable option.

Educators should carefully evaluate the language arts textbooks that are being used to see if they provide what is necessary for students to develop adequate communication skills. In today’s fast-paced world, proper communication skills are a must.

Do you have concerns about your language arts curriculum?  Please share in the comments below.

If you are extremely please with the language arts curriculum you are using, please share the title so others can check it out.

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