Bible teacher, leader, and former educator, but always a student of God’s Word

It’s amazing how one can travel so many miles and never leave home. I’m talking about the miles of life’s journey.

Abandoned Fawn Finds a New Friend Photo
An abandoned fawn finds a much-needed friend.  My daughter adopts any animal in need.

So many things are discovered as we rough the bumps and hills, ride rough-shod through the brambles and briar patches, get stuck in side ditches, and stop by the watering holes to reach out for a fresh drink.

It’s wonderful to take in the freshness of a new morning; or sometimes, to just stop and breathe.

Life, it’s full of surprises! It can leave us flying higher than a kite, or it can leave us flat on our face in the dirt.

Yes, life is exciting. Life is rich. Life is full.

Never take a day for granted.  Precious moments are never wasted. Tears are never lost. Souls never die. We should never have to say good-bye even though we all have to at times.

Flowers in Bloom Photo
These flowers are blooming in a flower box by my driveway.  They seem to bloom when nothing else will.

My name is Peggy Clark.  I love to write, to blog, to teach, to share with others what God has given me.  The blog posts come from my own study and life experiences.

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Lily in Bloom
This lily blooms beautifully but for so little time. I wish it would stay around longer.

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Peggy Clark