Due Process Hindered by Media Frenzy

Why Due Process?  A Lesson from History

There was a powerful man.  He wanted property that belonged to his neighbor so he set up a meeting at a local restaurant and asked his neighbor if he was willing to sell.

The neighbor refused which made the man very sad.  He left the meeting pouting because of his inability to convince the neighbor to make a deal.

An Evil Conspiracy Begins

Later that night the man’s wife asked him why he was so depressed. After discussing his attempts to purchase the property, his wife conspired an evil plot.

The plot was carried out by those who were secretly hired by the wife.  The neighbor, who was now seen as an enemy that stood in the way of her and her husband’s expansion plans, was to be promoted in front of the townspeople.

A Media Frenzy Orchestrated

As the proceedings began, false accusations were brought before the people.  The media was employed to put the attendants at the proceedings in a frenzy. A false narrative was given that stirred the people to react foolishly which caused the death of the neighbor. This happened even though the townspeople knew that the neighbor was a good man and worthy of the promotion.

The Target Destroyed

The destruction of the neighbor was completed before any of the accusers’ credibility could be questioned.

After the funeral, the wife and her powerful husband confiscated the property leaving the neighbor’s wife and children unable to provide for themselves.

For a while the couple enjoyed the ill-gotten property.  They thought their coverup was complete and felt no remorse over their evil deed.

All the neighbor’s hard labor in growing a successful vineyard seemed to have been wasted.  His house was turned into a potting shed. The vines were removed and replaced with herbs and flowers.

The property became a private grove where the couple could entertain their rich friends and acquaintances.  Business deals were made and celebrated there.

Photo of grapes
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The Evil Plot Uncovered

A message was delivered to the powerful man.  The details revealed that Someone knew of his terrible deed. For a short while, the rich man felt sorrowful for what he had done.  Yet, his wife continued her evil ways. It seemed that nothing could stop her from attacking all who opposed her continual pursuit of power.

The couple’s desire for more power and prestige led them to formulate a plan to take over a nearby city. They covenanted with another powerful man and engaged in efforts to take the city.  While those plans were carried out, the husband was killed.

Our view of what lies ahead may seem overwhelming.
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Power Threatened

An opposition party arose that threatened the power and livelihood of the wife.  Using her great power and hefty bank account, she was able to protect herself.  She updated her appearance and used her words wisely to control those around her.

Thinking that she could control any man with her looks and her sly words, she boldly and confidently suggested that no one could rise to resist her.   But soon her demise would come.

The wife rented a tower to proclaim her victory and authority over anyone who would come against her. Yet, those whom she abused day by day with her insults, derogatory language, and belittling remarks realized that there was no point in thinking that she would one day appreciate or care for their efforts to keep her happy.

Photo of police officer and man with evidence
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Called into Question

Finally, her helpers saw that protecting this woman was depriving them of the life and liberty they desired for themselves.  They were not prospering as she had promised them.  The only ones who had prospered were the woman and her evil husband and their powerful friends.  Suddenly, they realized that they had only been used to help this woman cover her evil and her harm of innocent people.

Truth Prevails

Once the helpers’ eyes were opened to the realization that they had been lied to and used only for the evil woman’s gain they made a choice to be truthful to themselves.

This was not the life that they wanted to live.  This was not the woman they wanted to support.

As a short trial ensued, those who had previously supported the woman gave their testimony to the evil she had committed. They then assisted in the downfall of her and her kingdom.

No Where to Hide

This event in history reminds us that although evil may prevail for a time, governments and peoples are to follow the laws set forth by Almighty God.  Eventually evil will be dealt with by God if those peoples and governments do not follow through with their God-ordained responsibilities.

God’s intervention in the above situation may have seemed delayed, yet God gives people a choice as to whether they will arise and do what is right and necessary to control evil. God waits to see how they will react when temptation is before them.  Will the people choose evil or good?

No man or woman can do any deed, good or evil, and hide it from the All-Seeing Eye of God.  We will all stand either before the Judgment Seat of Christ or before the Great White Throne of Almighty God.

Always remember, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” Would you rather have the ‘wages’ or the ‘gift’?

Just so you know, the wicked wife had a choice too. She chose the wages and succumbed to a horrible death. Her pursuit of power had come to an end.

Two Takeaways

  1. Good always wins over evil in the end.
  2. Be aware, Satan knows the Good Book, too.

(For more intel on the story, see the Book of 1 Kings.)

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