Cancer: The Dreaded Diagnosis

As I wrote my last post (see Life’s Unexpected Adjustments or Crises?) I did not realize how soon life’s unexpected adjustments would come to a dear friend of mine.

I found the hospital number in my messages this  morning.  I called certainly not expecting to hear the word ‘cancer,’ but as the conversation continued I feared the worst. 

Yes, the diagnosis is cancer.  Yet, on the other side of the phone line the voice was amazingly calm and peaceful.

What can a friend do but cry?  But there is hope.

Yes, I prayed with my dear friend.

Her thoughts were not on herself.  She is a Christian and does not fear eternity.  Her thoughts were on her loved ones that she wants to see in Heaven one day.

Will this diagnosis take her life?

Jesus already has her life.  Cancer cannot take that away from her.

I pray for her complete healing.

God works in mysterious and miraculous ways.  After all, Christ is the Great Physician.  He knows what the body needs.  It is no small thing for Him to heal in a moment’s time.

So life will be an adjustment for her and her family.  Health, finances, schedules will all be changed.

Yet, one thing will not change.  She will continue to be God’s child.  God is her Heavenly Father and He will not forsake her.

We, as God’s children, have that promise continually.  “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”

So today is an adjustment from the normal.  Tests are being run.  Doctors will discuss with family their future plans.

Yet, one adjustment will not be made.  Cancer will never defeat her.  She is God’s and no weapon formed against her will stand. Eternity cannot rob her of her joy.  For that, I am grateful.

I have a sister in Christ.  And, IN CHRIST she will remain.  To God be the glory!

I look forward to hearing her testimony of complete healing.

Thank you for your prayers for her speedy recovery.

©2018 by Peggy Clark

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