Life’s Unexpected Adjustments or Crises?

Unexpected Events

It has been the most unusual day.  I am sitting in a parking lot outside a medical facility with my car hood up.  My car has not overheated, but I have a split hose.  Thankfully, an employee inside has offered to take my husband to an auto parts store during her lunch break.

While I am waiting for his appointment to be over, I have encountered a spider.  I knock it off my skirt but have no idea where it is now.  We will have to endure the heat and the car together.

Next the most unusual occurrence of all.  As I look up in my mirror, I see a fawn running across the lawn.  It must have been spooked from its hiding place or lost from its mother.  I hope it can find its way back to where she left it.

Photo of fawn standing in grassSo unexpected to see a fawn running across the grass in a highly visible location. (Photo by Vincent Van-Zalinger. Courtesy of Unsplash)

Unexpected Events Sometimes Call for Major Adjustments

I have been sitting here reading about crisis points of belief.  The author speaks of making major adjustments in our lives to follow God.

I am thinking of how thankful I am that I can be at peace no matter what happens.  Not everything is a crisis even though circumstances may present themselves as such.

Life happens.  Things wear out or decay.  New things quit working properly.  It is to be expected.  Some things we can prepare for, but some take us by surprise.

No matter what happens or what adjustments need to be made in our lives, God is faithful.  We can rely on the living God to take us through every situation.

Road sign photo
Not all changes in direction are crises.  (Photo by Brett Sayles.  Courtesy of Pexels.)

Other’s Circumstances May Cause Us to Make Adjustments

We have now been to the auto parts store; the hose has been replaced; and we are on our way.

Yet, another encounter—a gentleman and his grandson are locked out of his vehicle.  We offer our help.  After much effort and assistance his door is finally unlocked.

I am thankful that my husband was not afraid or too proud to ask for help when we needed it.  We were given assistance in our time of need.  God was very gracious to allow the hose to break after we arrived at our destination and not in transit on the highway.

I think of the gentleman locked out of his vehicle.  It reminds me of how horrible it would be to be locked out of a place much more important than a vehicle.

It would be tragic to be locked out of Heaven because we were too proud or too afraid to ask for the help we needed.  Our Saviour stands ready to hear our heart’s cry.  If we will admit our sinful condition, Christ Jesus will cleanse us, forgive us, and meet our needs.

Sometimes life does require adjustments.  Schedules can change.  Health can change.  Financial conditions can change.  Our jobs can disappear overnight.  At such times we may experience a crisis of belief.  We must remember, however, that God never changes.  He remains faithful.

An Adjustment for Which We All Must Be Prepared

There is one adjustment for which we must be prepared.  That adjustment will be our entrance into eternity.

Eternity waits for everyone.  Which eternity we experience is our choice.  There are only two doors.

Don’t wait until Heaven’s door is locked to ask for entrance to a glorious eternity.  The other door leads to an eternal suffering no one wants to enter.

May you and I meet one day in eternity in Heaven’s glorious abode.

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Thessalonians 5:23

©2018 by Peggy Clark

Peggy Clark is the author of So, What's the Latest News?  Messages from a Prisoner in Rome. This commentary of Colossians may be purchased at Amazon and other online retailers.

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