Tips and Encouragement for First-Year Home Schoolers

Feeling jittery as you plan for your first year of home schooling?  No need to worry as information concerning home schooling abounds.  In fact, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the abundance.

First year jitters are natural and expected.  Every parent has fears as they begin teaching their children.  Those fears will turn into confidence as the years progress.

To help you with your first year of home schooling I have listed some tips and encouragements. You can read them by clicking the link below.

Check out these ABC’s for Your First Year of Home Schooling.

ABC’s for Your First Year of Home Schooling PDF

Have a great first year as you join the ranks of many who are new to home schooling.

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If the tips have helped you in any way please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Let’s encourage one another.  If you are a veteran home schooler and have additional tips, please share in the comments section below.

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