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It’s amazing how one can travel so many miles and never leave home. I’m talking about the miles of life’s journey.

So many things are discovered as we rough the bumps and hills, ride rough-shod through the brambles and briar patches, get stuck in side ditches, and stop by the watering holes to reach out for a fresh drink.

It’s wonderful to take in the freshness of a new morning; or sometimes, to just stop and breathe.

The valleys may meander, but they lead to greater heights and accomplishments.
The valleys may meander, but they lead to greater heights and accomplishments.

Life.  It’s full of surprises! It can leave us flying higher than a kite, or it can leave us flat on our face in the dirt.

Yes, life is exciting. Life is rich. Life is full.

Never take a day for granted.  Precious moments are never wasted. Tears are never lost. Souls never die. We should never have to say good-bye even though we all have to at times.

Flowers in Bloom Photo
These flowers are blooming in a flower box by my driveway.  They seem to bloom when nothing else will.

My name is Peggy Clark.

I love to write, to blog, to teach, to share with others what God has given me.

Fix yourself a cup of tea and join me as we check out the  posts. They come from mine own study and life experiences.

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